Sep 08

Dancing careers culminate in Student Choreographer’s Concert

Before a senior graduates, at times there is pressure to impact the college in a positive way, especially in a performance major such as dance or theater. After four years of work, there is pressure to outshine any performance in order to graduate with a legacy. In the Senior Chorographer’s Concert that took place last weekend, the work of three senior dancers culminated to leave a shining legacy. Talisa Davis, Molly Priest and Tani Currier are all graduating seniors who showcased their four years as undergraduate dance majors with the help of the Theater and Dance department, a group of students who share a passion for dancing.

Director Dr. Don Borsh, who has been involved in the choreographer’s concert since he began to teach at SUNY Potsdam, gave rave reviews on the performance. “This production is different because of the collaborative nature of the discipline,” said Borsh. Borsh also noted the “nostalgic” feeling in the air as the seniors produced their final performance as undergraduates. While the three students used this performance to showcase the choreography skills they have learned though all four years, none of them wished to outshine one another, helping each other with their pieces. Borsh also added that because of the chorographer’s experience, “[his] role is not as a teacher, but taking them though their own concert, their own work.”

The nostalgic feel in the air was quite thick, especially when talking to the three seniors. “This feels really surreal. I just can’t help but smile at seeing my work up on stage,” said Priest, backstage. “It’s bittersweet to be going, but I’m very grateful to be able to do this,” said Davis. “I started out at SUNY Potsdam and dance was just a side thing. Now I’m graduating and I’m pursuing dance as a career,” Currier also added. Among the three seniors, there was a sense of pride at their dance routines being performed for the student body, that feeling shared by those performing the dances. “It’s an honor to be chosen,” said first-year Early Childhood major Samantha Dipietro during a break in the show.

This overall feeling was shared not only by the seniors, but the crew working for the performance. “It’s really cool. I’ve never done anything lik e this,” said first-year Theater major and stage manager Chandler Caroccio. “It’s a little emotional,” Caroccio added. “Everyone’s very excited, but very sad since it’s the last project.”

The concert was a perfect culmination of all four years for the three seniors and gave a sense of utmost pride to the Theater and Dance department of SUNY Potsdam. It truly showed the work that three seniors can do in four years and serves as an inspiration for future and present dance majors. “…I hope that I’m as good as they are when I’m a senior,” said Dipietro. “They act as role models for what I want to be.”